The workgroup of theoretical physicists around Beatrix C. Hiesmayr was formed in 2008 at the University of Vienna. Our studies mainly concern the quantum phenomena at high and low energies. Our research spans from very mathematical aspects to experimental ones and, recently, also towards technological realizations.

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Jugendliche der IT-Schule des BFI (Wien) stellten faszinierende Zukunftsprojekte rund um Künstliche Intelligenz vor:


Beatrix Hiesmayr is being honored by the selection of one member of the Academy and been elected by the senat for her interdisciplinary scientific...


During the visit of the science minister of Poland the J-PET team could demonstrate the cutting new technology that has been developed and will allow...


...aber auch Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer sollten Quanten nicht unbeobachtet lassen, so Beatrix Hiesmayr im Fachmagazin KSW


„Rätselhafte Welt der Quanten“ war der Schwerpunkt der Sendung vom 28.3.2019 in der Scobel-Serie. In Kurzbeiträgen und Gesprächen wurden den...


For four qubits (=two-level systems) one can find a basis of 16 GHZ states (GHZ...Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger). Surprisingly, choosing one GHZ state...

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