Quantum System At High Energies

Studies of quantum phenomena and its numerous manifestations are a very active field of research in physics. Our main research lines focus on the study of quantum dynamics of bipartite and multipartite systems encountering different dimensions at different energy scales, at low energies and at high energies (that I am pioneering).

In turned out that entanglement in high energetic systems reveals differently. For example, we showed that finding a conclusive and experimentally feasible test for proving correlations stronger than those predicted by any classical system (Bell inequalities) for entangled K-meson systems is not straightforward. But it offered also a new insight into physics by connecting two seemingly unconnected problems. Neutral K-mesons are a well-investigated systems since here in this system it was firstly revealed that there is a small difference between a world made out of matter or antimatter, a fact that surprised the physics community in 1964. Since then devoted accelerator facilities have been built (e.g. DAPHNE (Italy), KEK (Japan)) that have shown this puzzling symmetry breaking also for other neutral meson systems. Our group showed that that a Bell inequality is connected to this breaking. This is also remarkable since the breaking is connected to the big open question in cosmology, why do we live in a universe dominated by matter, where did the antimatter slip off?

Our findings connect the imbalance of matter and antimatter in our current universe with the security of quantum  cryptography!