The workgroup of theoretical physicists around Beatrix C. Hiesmayr was formed in 2008 at the University of Vienna. Our studies mainly concern the quantum phenomena at high and low energies. Our research spans from very mathematical aspects to experimental ones and, recently, also towards technological realizations.


In einem Videobeitrag erzählen Teilnehmer von Erasmus über ihre Erfahrungen. Beatrix Hiesmayr hat als Lehrende am Kings College verbracht:...


In a Leiden-Vienna collaboration the first experiment was designed to prove bipartite bound entanglement [1].




Die Quantenphysikerin Beatrix Hiesmayr hat ihren spielerischen Zugang zur Physik aus Kindertagen nicht verloren – das und mehr erzählt sie im Podcast...


For the first time scientists have entangled four photons in their orbital angular momentum by sending a laser through a crystal.